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sound problem with suse




I installed SUSE 10 on my system.
Whenever a sound our noise is pumped through the speakers, the very last fraction of a second of that sound is repeated or pulsed through the sound system for ever, like about 14 pulses per 10 seconds. This is very annoying. If I go into YAST - hardware - sound, and make any modification to the the Maestro sound card, forcing a restart of the sound system, the repeating sound is terminated. Until the next sound is piped through the speakers.
Does anyone have a clue to what I've got messed up, or if this is a known problem?

hello friends i am my self posting the reply which may help any one else if facing same problem.
just by setting acpi=on at boot time solved my problem.


Hopefully there will be some winter. I'll keep my eyes open for a post. Sounds like


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