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Whenever I run a game, a new screen pops up and the video kinda like flashes continually.  It does not happen with all games but most.  The games I know I have been having problems with has been games like Billard-GL, Vega Strike, Flight Gear, Space-Orbit.  Freeciv works great as well as other games like Chess.  This just seems to happen with games.  The office suites, Scribus, Celestia and Stellarium work great too.....  I have an ATI Accelerated graphics card and know the drivers are working (or at least the operating system is telling me that they are).

Any suggestions on what I can try?

There may be some problem with your graphic card drivers . i think you should upgrade your graphics drivers. and should also check the error log for any extra ssoftware needed to run that perticular application of the game

I am running Ubuntu.  Is there a software that will tell me what the video card is?  That is without taking apart the computer, which I can do as well.  I know I had something when I was using Windows.


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