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Red Hat 9 SIS 630 Problem

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 my friend sandeep s problem
I have installed Red Hat 9 on sis 630 and philips 105 E monitor
but problem is that when linux loads screen goes blank even when linux is recognizing sis 630
even red hat has to be installed in text mode
plz help me

Huh, r u sure? I'm using sis630 too but RH9 works fine with me. ???

Try not to put too high resolution when u run RH9, 16-bit color and and 800X600 resolution. Besides that, keep the monitor settings to the standard VGA @ 56 Hz at 800X600. CRT option  when u configure the monitor. Try not to go for a specific monitor model coz it gives lots of problems.

He is having that problem because he has used wrong vert can horuizontal sync rate for his monitor during install.. may be after install has messed something.. so to u have to edit your /etc/X11/xf86config ..
There search for

--- Code: ---Horizsync  30 - 66
VertRefresh  50 - 100
--- End code ---
Note here Nos in your computer should be different. Change those Nos. to your monitor's refresh rate.. ie. can be found in Manual which came with your monitor.

Just saw your post again.. you said your text mode is not working also. r u sure ?


I have not been able to solve my friend's problem. I give detailed version here.

SIS 630 chipset P III 1 Ghz 256 MB RAM Win XP Pro and Win ME preinstalled

1. I boot from RHL 9 Cd # 1 Card probed SIS 630 and monitor 105e by anaconda
   When x starts , no graphical screen only blank black monitor!!!
2. I put a workaround , I type "linux text" linux installs and also  GRUB rightly installed
   after booting it shows GRUB screen " Select DOS or Red Hat Linux"
3. When linux boots , starting X comes ,after it no graphics only blank black monitor.
4. I reinstall linux by 16 bit high color and 800 x 600 resolution but again same result.
5. even I press "I" to start linux in interactive mode,no result it continues to run in level 5.
6. No command prompt(ie $root etc) is available only "grub>" is available.

Ricky u have said to correct /etc/x1186 file , but dear when there is no command prompt how do i correct it .These type of things put people really off to linux. I m a linux maniac man (RHL 9 runs fine on my Intel 810 but sound problem u know) I have prompted my friend Sandeep to install and learn linux but he is saying that remove it plz bcoz of these problems . i spent whole 3 hours fixing it but no avail . CAN U SAVE THE TUX ON SIS 630????????????????

Sumit.. if you are really maniac then you should have found the way to run command prompt.. BTw>. no probs. it happens sometimes.. even i had a bit of same experience sometimes.. u r in simple prob.. i had faced those which even i can't imagine ... :) lol..
So you can edit your xf86config by running linux rescue mode.. i thin u kno that .. if any doubt . plz ask..
btw.. it is now quite clear that fedora is recognizing your monitor incorrectly.. ( very harshly ) .
BTW.. you are always welcome at LST :) ( linuxsolved.com team )


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