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Red hat 9 CMedai 8738 problem

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Sumit.. after that. it is clear that it is not the driver problem.. it is simply software prob.. as Redhat has removed the mp3 support from XMMS in RH9 then i u should have tried to intall that in ur machine and that has messed up all. Try to install mplayer and then play from that.. then tell us.. Also remove xmms rpm and install latest from internet.. may be that help..

can u tell me the best source on the net to learn " RHL 9" one more thing after running "make" command in downloaded cmpci drivers it says make target not specified but there is a makefile
make install says this thing too ./configure says bash bad command demystify them Also what is the name of the utility thru which i can see linux partition in windows 98

Please read the README/INSTALL file provided along with the driver.

even after installing new xmms -1.2.9 im not able to play ogg vorbis or mp3 .Audio cds r playing fine by xmms ,cd player im not able to understand y the system is crashing when i try to play ogg or mp3 help


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