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What happend to the new post notification?


Hi folks :)

I have been having problem logging in and posting a new topics for past few weeks. But now it's up running gracefully.

However, i face a problem here dono u guys face it too or not.

When i logged in, i see news post that is icons of new posts in red colors. I click the forum section and reach list of new and old posts but not the content in the post. However, it's marked as 'blue' that is it assumes, i have read the post the next time i log in. Weird????

However.. you can reach the new topics since u viste from the first page after login.. it is shown on the upper right corner of the forum.. !!

BTW.. if you are facing problem.. (strange) i had not faced yet .. then also ask others if they are facing same..  BTW.. it sometimes appear due to coockie problem.. turn on cookies in ur browser. may it can solve it.

Ya! i too have noticed that you were not here..

Oh i got it now, thank u very much.
Hahaha, i was abducted by the aliens who's keeps asking me what is LINUX.

Sorry for being such a "Complain King" haha, don't mean to. Just that i care for this forum very much.

When, i try to create a new topic with a poll, i added the poll with two answers, it still gives me the error saying i must key at least two options. I did, and when i click submit again, it works. That's all.


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