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We were always monitoring our LS ( forums but some how it was overlooked, reason being that there was something missing always. Now we have just reworked on LS forums, its after many years that now it got real full-rework.
Few of the direct advantages of new LS avatar are as follows

* More exposure to your questions.
* Better way to fight Spam.
* Faster forum.
* Improved navigation and site structure.
Kindly give your feedback here.

Hi Jaffry,
I have login'd to linux formed after about 8-9 months, now its totay changed, really its looking vry good...., Thanks all for your effort............... :)


It is nice and helping forum :)

Ya, it is now really better than ever.

Yaa nice but not veryy good look is not matter for everything do u know bcoz i have not gate quick reply from your forum nd one thing is very important for we nd me plz do reply fast with good suggestion will be better for we .


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