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ximian evolution, redirect mail automatically to a folder


I was using Kmail earlier.. There i was able to such setting that mail for a specific account go to its specific folder but now i decieded to use ximian  evolution, but i was unable to redirect mail to specific folder instead all mails get to one "inbox" folder !! Now  i have to move them to other folders manually so that i can keep the track that about what , about whom mail is concerned !!
Any idea how to redirect mail to specific folder ?

Thank you!.

Assuming you have the folders already set up, you have to create filters.
1. When a new message comes in, click on the message.
2. Select "Tools" from the menu bar.
3. Select "Create Filter From Message".
4. Select the option you wish to sort by, ie: "Filter on Subject", "Filter on Sender", etc.

Hope this helps.



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