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RHL 9.0 and probs with audio card (AC 97)

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i am not talking about the cd
it plays all sounds like when i see movies. i can also play songs on xmms. but no sound on the games or in text to speech engine. my sound server is also on. any speech even on games like majesty are not played properly  they are played very very fast.

Neo.. i think b'cause linux uses sound server which can server to one applicatoin at a time don't work when it request more than one sound..

and about dalek & cd.. I think he is saying that if u don't have driver installed for ur soundcard then even u can play original sound Cd.

Wht other people think about linux sound server??

I have noticed that some don't play well with the mixer.  I can play pysol and a CD and other stuff that uses sound, but Kmail will not anounce new mail until I close Pysol, then it plays the sound.

I need to find out why this is.  I'm really not sure why it sits there and waits instead of mixing it like it should.  It may be Kmail, it may be the mixer.


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guys it is a very strange problem. i think i am unable to explain it but ill try once again

1) i donot play 2 sounds at a time so the problem of the sound server serving only one application does not arise.

2) i understand that audio cd can be played if no sound drivers are installed. This is beacause there is a direct hardware connection from the cdrom to the sound card to  play audio cds.

3) the sound card is properly installed as i can play other mp3 music and mpg movies from the hdd.

4) it does not play when i play games like TUX, majesty etc.. it even does not play when i use festival (linux text to speech engine). if it does play it plays very very fast as ft it is on a high speed dubbing on an audio cassette.

i think there is some other probs. please help.

Well I am not a tech pro but have got one question to ask. Have you checked in the game options to see if the sound is muted by default????


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