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RHL 9.0 and probs with audio card (AC 97)

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its not muted.......

It's similar for me. I can play audio, and then I can't. :-) It seems that sometimes resources aren't made available after closing off a program, or something like that.

Just now I played a movie with mplayer. No problem, audio works fine. Next movie: no audio (SDL: Unable to open audio: No available audio device). Next I open XMMS, play an mp3 file (no problem), start the same movie again with mplayer, and viola, audio comes up.

I use the same (onboard) audio device as neo, on an MSI motherboard.

i have found the solution to this problem
i am using the oss drivers from the site
this will be of help

 Did the file /dev/dsp exist?
 If not, try creating a soft link as

--- Code: --- ln -sf /dev/dsp /dev/audio

--- End code ---


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