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RHL 9.0 and probs with audio card (AC 97)

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i am having a:
1) RHL 9.0 os
2) Intel 850 chipset motherboard with onboard audio card (AC 97)
3) P4
4) Oss drivers
5) Alsa drivers

the problem faced by my card is that i cannot listen to music when i play games. playing songs in xmms is fine but no sound in games. the card only supports 48000 hz of output.
i cannot also use the text to speech engine under linux ie. Festival it gives the foll. output

if i use the arts driver ie. artsd it gives the foll message.

Linux: can't open /dev/dsp

Thank you! in advance. please help

In linux we can't play two sounds at same time.. Because in linux if you are playing a song sound server  get busy in that so if u try to play different sound then it will give the error . unable to open sound device.

Simply:: Linux Sound server can handle one request at a time.....

i know that man
in this case i donot play two things at a time. moreover u can play two sounds at a time if ur driver does not completely block the soundcard anyway i donot play two sounds at a time.


--- Quote ---Linux: can't open /dev/dsp

--- End quote ---

But the above is suggesting simply that ur sound server is busy in different thing.. that's y unable to open.!

You may want to check and make sure your soundcard is configured properly and that you have a sound server enabled.  You can play a CD and not have the correct drivers and settings.  The CD will send the sound to the card and output it without the processor or the card doing anything.

Example,  My system would not play a computer sound at all in Mandrake 9.2.  It would play a CD just fine.  The driver was bad in 9.2.  I have switched back to 9.1 and it works fine playing a CD and computer generated sounds.

If you have the right software, drivers and mixer set up, you can play a lot of sounds at once.  I have with aRts sound server listened to a CD, play Pysol and get a 'new mail' signal from Kmail.  

Sorry I don't use Redhat so I am not sure how to set it up properly.  I would go to www.google.com/linux and put in the model of your card and Redhat and see what it finds.  I am sure someone has ran into the same problem before.  Redhat has been around long enough the there has to be a solution.

Post back if you still need help.  I'll try to find something.


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