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Yahoo meesenger in linux


I got a problem guys. Any help would be great.

I am running mandriva 2007, I have the latest version of Crossover (wine), And the latest version of yahoo messenger. I installed yahoo messenger through crossover and the install appeared to finish. But I can't get messenger to start. I am trying to use the voice chat in messenger because I have no idea how to compile the python library for Gyach. Any input???

hmm.. I saw your question in other thread though I think its better to continue here.
At present, only Gyach enhanced is the solution for voice chat. But why you worry about, pre-built library are available to download, you can see their INSTALL help page.

Though if you want VOICE chat on linux then there is Gtalk also in the group as well I think skype too.

Lately .. if nothing works then you may try some emulation software ie. running windows in Linux (but thats not practical actually) ..

I had Yahoo messenger running in Linux using wine but at that time I had not voice-chat like intention .. though I will try again.


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