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Hello Linux Team  

What is Webmin..    I have heard lot of times.. (webmin).. where can i found this package.. and what are to be installed, and what is the purpose of this package.. Please let me know...

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Webmin is a web based interface to configure your linux machine without knowing much about every individual program.  If webmin is installed and configured properly then it can be a GOD for u to administor Linux. You can download webmin in RPM and install it on just few clicks.. Find it on also download it from here..
After download open your web browser and open this location " https://localhost:10000" and without givin password press enters..
NOTE: webmin requires module configuration bfore using that module ie.. squid with webmin etc..

Hi there everyone, i think this is the place for me to put in my progress and results including my webmin usage experience. Well, it's a great tool, and it's very centralized control panel for linux. Thankx to the developers for their great contribution.

I have configured it to work with my webserver, hahaha it works so fine and so cool. Life is getting easier and easier nowadays.
I am now able to use it remotely from anywhere to configure my Linux Server. Cool ;)

you might pop into the webmin configuration area and restrict the IPs that can get into webmin. Webmin rocks but could be devastating in the wrong hands.

just my 2 cents...


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