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Author Topic: Jailkit 2.3 GUI problem  (Read 2446 times)

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Jailkit 2.3 GUI problem
« on: March 27, 2007, 05:56:18 AM »

In the project which I m working on is about giving fake virtual environment to malicious user and

making his log on system.

I m using Jailkit 2.3 to chroot the malicious user to the jail home folder, where he has restricted


Now some questions I have are -

(1) It works fine for command prompt - i. e. user sees jail home folder as system root and cant go

beyond it.  But if I login through GUI, he is able to see actual system

e.g if my jail is installed /home/jailkit/jail and user1's home folder is set to /home/user1
then throught command prompt he goes to /home/jailkit/jail/home/user1 and his root becomes jail , so

he cant go above it,But in GUI he is able to see whole path /home/jailkit/jail and is able to see

all folders in real system. How to hide it

(2) jailkit doesnt replicate all folders on real systems, so folders like /proc , /tmp etc are not

created in jail environment. Why? and is thr any safe way to do it?....Mounting real /proc on

jail/proc can create problem , as it is actually pointing to original /proc...so is there any wway

to create virtual /proc

Thanks in advance...