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Mounting by means of double click for I/o devices

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What distro are you using?  Mandrake, Redhat what you got?

What are you trying to link to?  Hard drive maybe?

Give a bit of info and I'll help if I can.


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Mounting means relating a file or directory to a specified drive.
ie. If you wanna use your windoz C:\ drive in linux then u have to mount it under a file in linux. I usually make directory C in /mnt and mounts the drive C: under it.

You may mount devices under linux by 3 ways:
1) If u have to regularly mount a particular device u can add it in /etc/fstab and it will be automatically mounted on startup.

2) u can also mount any device like a windows partition. For this u need to know the partion number ( eg: /dev/hda1 for 1st partion on the primary master) and the directory u want to mount it on ( Create a directory in /mnt/c if it is c: of windows)
give the command
--- Code: --- mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/c
--- End code ---

3) in the gui in RHL 9.0 i mount cdroms and floppy disks by right clicking on the desktop and then choosing disks then cd or floppy. an icon will be created on the desktop itself. double click on the icon and u can access the disk. it will be mounted in the directory /mnt/cdrom or /mnt/floppy. u can also unount it by right click for the command use

--- Code: --- umount /mnt/c
--- End code ---

u may be needing root for mounting a filesystem by using comands.


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