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Howto restrict icq via squid?

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1. Can you tell me how to restrict icq access through squid?
2. Also, can you tell how to filter banners of icq?
3. Howto filter jpg and gif pictures by squid?

Thank you.

Well to restrict ICQ u need to tell us that wht port exactly the ICQ use..

And if banners are images as u said jpg or gif then u can use following to block them

--- Code: ---acl badURL url_regex -i gif jpeg
http_access deny badUrl
http_access allow myNet
http_access deny all
--- End code ---


Icq uses:
1. for login: and port 443
2. proxy settings: port 3128 (squid)

the port 443 is used of https so we can't blcok.. otherwise it u will not able to open various others sites too.. so.. I suggest u to block all url containing the word icq..
So u can use above example with using icq instead of jpg or gif..

Thank you very much. One more think what does the option "-i" stands for in the script for blocking jpg and gif and icq?


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