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problem with yahoo and media player


i have installed the linux red hat 9.0 but now i cant use media player .yahoo messanger cause when i download the yahoo mesanger the icon of yahoo does not show on desktop.what should i do for it.plz help me but remember i dont know any thing abt linux. tell me in detail that go first there then there then there....Hope some one will help me.
Thanks for it

If you have installed yahoo messenger using rpm.. ( it is available in rpm only) then it will create desktop icon etc only after you first execute it. The yahoo messenger get stored in /opts .
BTW.. if you are using gnome. mostly yes then goto
gnome menu-> system tools-> Terminal
And in terminal write "ymessenger" it will open yahoo messnger wizard and you can do further urslef.
I am not sure but redhat don't comes with any useful media player by default so I suggest you to download "gmplayer" or "XINE" both are good media player in Linux , Infact "gmplayer" is the best..


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