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Help wanted for Shift from Windows to Linux


Hi !
The Company i work for is interested in shifting all our desktop PCs from MSWindows to Linux OS.

Can anyone help us out with the name(s) of companies in Bangalore city who have previous experience in this transition. We are looking for vendors who will help us transition from Win 2 Lin and also support us with an AMC contract for hardware support.

Any help / leads would be much appreciated.

Kindly email me your contact details to

speedster AT speedconsult DOT com


91 - 80 -2520 2742


Check with Deeproot ( of Bangalore.  

Otherwise you can do it yourself.  This will be the best option. Do not hesitate .  Go ahead.

BTW.. I wanted to add here that shifting to linux is not a big task. If you can tell us that what are your office env. running right now~~ sofware , application then we can further more suggest you that how can you shift..

Hi. Thank you! for your Quick response.
we are a recruitment consulting firm that depends heavily on email for our day-to-day activity. we use a proprietery java based database software that manages our workflow. it is currently being made linux ready.
we basically are using intel celeron based desktop pcs and are using ms word, excel and outlook. we are also using NAV 2003 with its latest updates on all our machines, but are still facing problems with viruses and email worms.

we are looking for vendors who will help us migrate to linux, train the users and provide hardware support through an AMC.

as francisvictor suggested i spoke to abhas at deeproot. muchos gracias.

i would still appreciate it if there were a few more vendors that you could name.


speedster AT speedconsult DOT com
91-80-2520 2742


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