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Lexmark Z33


Hello there. i do have a Lexamark z33 printer and i would like to know can i make it work. i am using woody debian, with 2.4.22 kernel compiled. any suggestions?

Have you looked at this site?  This has a lot of info about setting up printers.  

I have read that you should use CUPS and that the model of printer can be a bit tough to get set up.

Post back if you need help.

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WEll that should work.. only thing you have to choose is CUPS printing system.

I need info on how to get p my lexamark z22 without a disk. I am not sure what would be a compatible on my listed items. I am really stuck! Thank you for help

About lexmark z33: It is not compatible with all the distros. Driver is buggy. But there is no such problems with lex z22 (I think)


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