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Author Topic: Kmail problem,, default hostname .. unable to send mail  (Read 3459 times)


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Kmail problem,, default hostname .. unable to send mail
« on: March 04, 2004, 05:55:11 AM »
I use kmail in linux . It was all going fine one day it refuese to send the email..
I checked the not sent email and found that there is a extra "@mycomputername" at  the end of the email address. I think that was the problem and it was by me by mistake under
Setting> Configure Kmail> Default hostname
I set there default hostname to the name of my computer now.. every time I send mail it add    @mycomputername in end of every address.. I tried to remove that from there but every again i go to Default hostname it is still there ...
I am unable to send email..
kindly help me!!

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Kmail problem,, default hostname .. unable to send mail
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2004, 11:05:13 PM »
There are a couple of places in the configure that it can add that extra line.  Check the identities section and then check the Network section under sending.  Something probably got updated and didn't ask.

That sending part has to be right.  It amazes me that spamers can send all theirs with no problem but we can have one thing out of place and we are stuck with a error message.

You may also have to reopen the messages and redo the send part.  I have had to delete the messages and re-enter them before it would send.  It's kind of like when it is broke it just refuses to send even after you fix it.  If there is one bad one, it will not send any until it is fixed/removed.

Hope that helps.


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