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Which one is your favourite Distro in Linux ?

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CentOS, Fedora, Redhat

And guys where is Arch Linux, the most customizable one.
I vote for Arch because of their rolling release, fast bug fixing and for the best wiki available on internet for any distro.
You can customize it the way you want although I won't recommend it to beginners but anyone with two months of experience with Linux can surly play with it and it is the best out there only after slackware which is my second favorite.

I would start here:

Have you heard of Gentoo?  It's a rolling release, fast at bug fixing and has some of the best docs and has had them from years.  Actually, Gentoo is well known for its documentation.  It also has not one but two wikis.  One is unofficial and has been around for a good long while and one is new but is the official wiki run by Gentoo folks. 

 :)   :)

I have used Gentoo, Slackware, OpenSuSE, Fedora, Red Hat Linux(Ent. Version), K/X/Ubuntu, Slax, Sabayon, Mint, Debian, Open Solaris(Not Linux though), Zenwalk, CentOS and finally settled on Arch Linux.
It has everything I need. Simplicity, stripped down size, great documentation and pre build packages (you know how much time it take to compile packages on gentoo), great community, hand edited config and everything.

I do know how long it takes to compile on Gentoo.   ;D  I been using it since about 2003.  Of course, I built a new rig tho.  I have a AMD 4 core CPU running at 3.2Ghz, 16Gbs of ram, lots of hard drive space too.  I also have a really large CPU cooler and a large case with lots of fans. 

If you run Gentoo, you at least need REAL good cooling.

 :)   :)


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