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Recovering Grub boot manager Or Lilo configuration..???


Hello dears,  I installed Slackware linux 9.0 with Fedora Linux Core1 & WindowsXP. Now I have been missed Grub boot manager and its appear new boot menager LILO. In lilo I have only 2 options for boot Slackware and WindowsXP. My harddisk has the following partitions.

hda1  to hda5 is Fat32/Dos file system
hda6  is  /swap
hda7  is  /linux Ext2
hda8  is  /boot
hda9  is   /linux Ext2

At hda7 I installed Fedora Linux befor, and it was installed and run correct. After that I wish to install Slackware too. So I created hda9 and installed Slackware onto it. Now Slackware is running good and new boot manager LILO is installed on System.

Can I Recover Grub boot manager with Slackware linux prompt  


Can I configure LILO boot manager with Fedora linux prompt

I have been try to config lilo.conf in Slackware boot its not working, may be I could not set correct parameters to boot fedora... I need your's help..............Thanks

Here in this case.. You can do either recover grub bootloader from slackware by using..

--- Code: ---/sbin/grub-install /dev/hda
--- End code ---
or you can use your existing lilo to boot your older linux "FEDORA"
You said that you are able to boot Slackware normally and fedora was installed on hda7 then u should add the following lines in your /etc/lilo.conf

--- Code: ---image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.2
--- End code ---
IMPORTANT : Change your "image=" to the exact vmlinuz image.. can be found in the /hda7's /boot directory or partition..
And then execute your lilo to add this entries to its record... by

--- Code: ---/sbin/lilo
--- End code ---

it should show something like..

--- Code: ---added linux
added slack
added fedora

--- End code ---

BTW.. if you had separate /boot partition and you have overwritten the /boot partition during Slackware install then I doubt that you can again boot the Fedora..
Also .. i have not used fedora yet but do it has "linux rescue" option as it is in other Red hat's distribution. ?
There is a one more condition to boot multiple linux distro using Lilo but first let me know if above thing is working fine..


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