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squid delay pools



  every one i used rh9.0 i configured squid it is working fine so i want now delay pools configuration each users and linux with how to it please help meee 8)

In squid you can use delay pools to limit overall bandwidht of your network..
Other way is to limit bandwidht of somespecific files to certain rate..

Now I am giving you example which i think will help  you!!
Ok ..
Lets assume that you want to control the bandwidth of a client having ip of

Also squid uses bandwith in bytes to represent how much bandwidth to use..
So lets say you want to limit its bandwidth to 10kpbs then

--- Code: ---acl user1 src
delay_pool_count 1
delay_class 1 1
delay_parameters 1 10/1280
delay_access 1 allow user1
--- End code ---

BTW..  I  have not checked that delay pools.. Try that and tell me if it works corrctly..
Here delay_parameters tells that in delay pool 1 when he downloads a file of  10 byte then his bandwidth get reduced to 1280 bytes (10 kbitps > Check for the calculations.)

   i  configured squd and firewall ip masquerading it is working now i want cbq configuration bandwidth limiting how to it please tell

  and tray to squid delay pools


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