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wwwoffle installation problem

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hi all
when i want to install wwwoffle,the first " make"  after "./configure" do  that error:
mv cannot evuluated "lex.html_yy.c':No such file or value
make[1]: *** [html.c] Error 1
i have download 2.8 version of wwwoffle on the official website

i think the problem is that the file: lex.html_yy.c' is missing.
so if anybody know how i can solve my problem and/or find that file please tell me

thank everyone

I see the packages are in tarball format. Should belong to Slackware type of distro.

What distro r u using now for Linux to do the installation? 10Q for the information.

i have the distro mandrake 9.1
thank for the answer

Downloads on that link are not starting here at my place..

Oh ic, do u have any fren using slack?
If u do have these guys around, ask them to convert the *.tgz to .*rpm for u. :)


U can find a utility that can do so in Mandrake for u. I cant remember the tool's name but will edit this message when i got it.


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