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I use a redhat 9.0 system in a windows domian, we have printers installed an different machines in the LAN,
I have configured Samba and so i can see all other systems, now my problem is how do i use the printers shared on other systems.   :?:

When i see other system in the network i dont get to see the printers. :roll: [/b]

Do you want to share linux printer on other system or windows printer on linux box  ?

its a windows printer on linux box

The printer is already installed windows box and i want to access it with my linux box


So you want to share windows printer on linux box..
That is a little complicated one.. I suggest you to see the following tutorial..
Using Windows printer on Linux machine

BTW.. if you are using RH9 the utility comes with it pretty much strong to do all this in gui.. try that also.. !!

Quite easy to do is to add "Unix Printing Services" to your XP boxes then use lpr to hit the ip of the box and shared printer name. Printer drake or cups will help you through it. the xp printers would be at a lpr: kinda deal. works for us but if the ip's change on reboot then you're screwed!


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