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I am not network gui but when I installed the redhat 9 I saw that it  has lots of network goodies. I opened the redhat's Bind gui. Actually i wanted to know how the DNS works. I know DNS associates a name with a IP vice-versa but i wanna know in Bind that what are
a. Forward Master Zone
b. Reverse Master Zone
c. Slave Zone.

Offcourse i have consulted various tutorials to configure bind but almost every tuturial was saying that edit this file to add this and that but no one was really explannning that thing which we are editing or adding wht acutally do ? So i think I should kno the things which are confusing me. So can any body give me a little explanation of above three things.. Please try to explain here only as I had asked this question in other Linux Communities but every where people gave me links to tutorials and reference. So please clearify my problem.

Thank you!.


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