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Hi all,

How many time you spend on visitings of forums? :)
For me the forums are my life.
And for you?

My 80% surfing is on various forums.

Hi all

The Forums are great places to learn the practical things from user experiances. A professional is not complete without subcribing to Realted forums.

This forum is great great place to learn and practice LINUX, Thanks to RICKY, Guaurav etc.,

ya its true don't u ppl think that we should also share our favourait techincal forums with each other so that we can gain more out of it i think that will help us also to grow . and i would also like to say that in the signature of other forum we may also advertise our forum.
any way its nice to here such starting . i think my 50 % time pass on forums

yea its true that Ricky & Gaurav are helping a lot to this forum.

And one more things if we start to upload any good softwares or Os on this forum it will help all our members.


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