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Hi guys,

   Anyone knows how to configure apache to let me type the my webserver's hostname rather than ip to access the webpage WITHOUT registering a DNS?

I see it done on a Smoothwall's disto. But im wondering how they do it?

Well you can do this but i have a simple short solution. Open your /etc/hosts and associate a name to IP address of you Http machine then u can use its name instead of IP address on you LAN.

Other is to add create entry for apache and then add a zone for that in bind..

I did the step on the method mentioned. 10Q very much.
But does this only works on the http machine itself ONLY right?
Coz, when i tried it type the hostname of the HTTP machine, it doesn't work.

NO.. i am able to access my http machine just by entering its name in the browser on the different machine in my LAN.

If this is the case, do u have a DNS? Either static/dynamic DNS?

Because, im running my apacahe on Fedora Core 1, which is apache version 2. I don't have a DNS, but a loopback instead. In fact my host files are configure ("").

I run Internet Explorer 6.0 to open my HTTP machine's pages on LAN.

I tried the same thing on my Slackware and the same result occured that is i have to enter my HTTP machine's ip address.


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