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Using or Extracting software from Live CD

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I have a Slackware Live CD came along a Linux Mag. Now when i run i found that it has few good software. But i am running RedHat 9 so i decided to copy the software from liveCD to my HD then install but.. But. when i browed the CD there is nothing like source code for those software. I guess they are compressed and stored in the files with extension img. So can Any one tell me how I can use the software came along with LiveCD on my RH9 ?

Thank you!.

Slackware and Red Hat 9 uses different packaging to deploy and install their softare.

Slackware installs packages with *.tgz extension

Red Hat  intalls packages with *.rpm extension

If u want to install a package from a Red Hat Cd, goto the /RPMS directory where u will see lots of files with extension *.rpm. That's the files. Copy it to ur harddrive run the installation using command "rpm -i filename.rpm"

For ur information, Slackware is able to convert rpm packages to tgz format. :)

Actually i kno that .rpm are used by rh and slack uses tarbal.. .But problem is that when i looked into slack live cd i was not able to find any tar file.. Only found img files some system files.. nothing else.. I think tarfiles are compressed and stored in .img files so is there any idea i can look inside the img files ?

Is it some kind of cd image? If i'm not wrong there are cd images with *.img extendsion. I havent really tried before mounting these format. But i do know the if in Windoze u can use Daemon to mount this format if it's a cd image like those ISOs.

Try this command to check see if it mounts:

mount filename.img -o loop /mnt/image

Remember this? :)
mount filename.iso -o loop /mnt/image

The live cds have an image of a linux hd on them. They are often compressed, and '-o loop' won't work on the compressed ones. I doubt you'll be able to access it, and even if you could, it would be like trying to exchange files between two ordinary hd-based distros. You may be able to get away copying small stuff, but the bigger apps will be confused and not work, because RH and Slack put stuff in different places.
You will not find source, tgz, or rpm on the cd because all the software is already installed and including their pacakges would waste space


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