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Why should I use linux when I am doing well in windows.? Why should I hate windows as they are the most widely available.?

Question one:  If you want a rented OS, use windoze.  If you want a OS that is controlled by somebody else then go ahead, use windoze.  If you want a OS that you control and that you can customize to the limit of your ability, use Linux.  If you don't like Linux, use windoze.

Question two:  That one almost answers itself.  Viruses.  Almost 90% of viruses and trojans etc are for windoze.  Of those that are for Linux, very very few are sucessful.  A well setup Linux system is very hard to break into, not impossible, just hard to do.

I watched everybody scramble during the last virus.  Ringing their hands on if they would make it through or not.  I had to go show them how to reduce the risk of the virus and tell them not to open e-mail attachments.  While I was there, I forwarded myself one of those viruses just to see it.  No problems here.

I have a question or two for you.  You ever heard of a Mac user getting hit by a virus? Linux?  Do you like the stability of windoze?  I have heard and read about Linux systems running for months even years without a reboot.  Do that with windoze 98, 2000 or dream about with Melinium.  You can install the vast majority of software without a reboot.  You can't sneeze in windoze without rebooting.

What do you think now?  I'm not going to tell you to switch.  That is your decision to make.  I LOVE Linux.  I hate windoze and what M$ does to other companies that compete.  I'm not saying that M$ should shut down but they should change the practices they use.

Hope you have something to think about.


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--- Quote --- I hate windoze and what M$ does to other companies that compete
--- End quote ---

Well that is not a good manner. After all it is M$ who has brought the use of computer at home almost every where.
But you are right that  LInux is so customizable..
That's Why I Too Say


"Well that is not a good manner."  Well I bet if you were to start a business to have M$ come and tell you to sell or else, you would probably see that differently.  They did that to a lot of people.  Remember the lawsuit?

Yes M$ did a lot for computers.  I had a job for a while that kept us real busy.  We were re-installing windoze after the big crash and restoring the data that was not lost.  That happened a lot.

What did they do again that was so good?  Should have waited on Linux.  Fewer bugs spreading around.

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man if u like windoze then go ahead with it.
u will
1 get viruses as all the viruses are made for windoze
2 it will HANG all the time
3 It is not customizable
4 It is not as secure as linux


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