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Need a little help with a dual boot

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I have 2 hard drives. One use to have winxp on it(primary one), the other had redhat 9 on it(slave hd).  I recently had to reformat and reinstall winxp on the primary hd.  So it erased my boot loader, grub.  Now I cant boot into linux.  I want to get rid of redhat and install suse 9 in its place, since im learning suse at school.  What will I need to do? Can I just place the suse install disk in, reboot and install on the partition redhat was on?  This wont cause any trouble with windows will it?

Well. if you want to get back your RH to boot then you Have to boot your maching with your RH installation cd and then RUN "linux rescue" and there give
--- Code: ---grub-install /dev/hdb
--- End code ---
But as u said you want to use Suse.. then simply start installing and install it over the previous RH partition. and it won't hurt your windowss...

i think ricky the bootloader was on the primary hdd so what he should do is

--- Code: ---grub-install /dev/hda

--- End code ---

This time i got a mistake..
Thank you! Rohit..

I put the suse install cd in and rebooted to cdrom and installed suse(disk1 anyways) over redhat's partition. After completing disk1 it reboots, I choose boot from hard disk.  It then is suppose to load grub but all I get is a black screen with grub in white letters in the upper left corner.  I cant boot windows or suse or redhat as of now. What should I do? Im freaking out man!

Also I installed grub to hda and installed suse to hdb6.  Windows is on hda.


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