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Configuring eth0


How can I configure my ethernet card withoud using gui ??
I am using RH8..

Is this possible in RH8??

You have to give a look to the following files..


and it will be better if you give a look at the following link


--- Quote ---   Well for the record I have installed and put a link to java in the Mozilla plugin directory and it refuses to see any of them. It seems to work, I think. I though well maybe it was me that done something wrong. I opened Konqueror and everything works fine.

Mozilla, under Help, about plugins, shows nothing. Yet the radar works on

Is there a site that we can go to and test the plugins? That would be nice to know.


Nice link BTW. I'm downloading what I missed. I don't think I use them but I want them in anyway.

--- End quote ---
I think Dalek was trying to repy this post::

Yep, two many tabs open I guess.  Wonder what the limit is on that.  I have a lot somtimes.  I'll slide it over.  

Buckle up here we go>>>


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