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A doubt about networking related to ip aliasing


This is not really a problem I am facing in linux.

What I want to know that can we make a single NIC to work as two seperate nic. ie. accepting connection / data at two different IP addresses. ( well we do that already daily ie. IP based website hosted on single server) .

But the thing which I want is that..
I want my NIC to make two connection to my ISP (as I have two accounts with them for two different place. As connection to ISP is wireless so puting seperate nic means that I will need seperate anteanna etc.)

What really I want is to combine bandwidth of both account at time. Atm I can use only one at a time.  but in night one account is always going useless as its meant for workplace.

So is it possible i can make my nic to act as two seperate NICs and then combining bandwidth of both !

Bro Ricky, im doing that research too :laugh:

I found this resources here:

Im starting from LVS however:


I am still undergoing, at the moment I am going to reach its limit .. rather trying to undertand networking limits in this concern.


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