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Hi  all

Can anyone tell that is Linux dummy machines are available for testing purposes??, Actually I want to test new things in Linux but I dont have any testing Linux machine/server now,all are production servers  where i don't have any permission ..,  I want to keep in touch with Linux..., but due to Lack of testing Servers here i can't test new things..So if anyone knows that is these testing machines are available online,where You can login and test anything..........
(Is UNIX,LINUX or SOLARIS any testing  servers/machines are available online or on NET??)

Thanks and Regards

I don't have decent connection else would have provide one to you. !!!

Thanks Ricky

I will appreciate , If someone have Dummy Linux machine, where I can test new things ...........,So that I will be intouch with LINUX and improve my linux skills,  thus help me and help others also.


Mate, if ur lack of servers, wat u can do is download an evaluation of VMware.

Just make sure u have:
1. One powerful desktop
2. A Switch
3. An RJ45 cables
4. RS232 cable - optional
5. Vmware Workstation

And download:

I have used it to do lots of testings:
1. FIrewalling
2. Proxying
3. Mail servers
4. DNS Servers
5. VPN
6. LVS (Linux Ethernet Bonding, And other Layer 2,4 load balancing)
7. Encrypted File System
9. MySQL CLustering
10. Recompiling kernels
11. DHCP Servers, LTSP, ...
12. Samba Server
13. Java application deployments

I have used this product for 2 years ++, Unix/Linux Distros tried and it works on:

1. Smoothwall
2. RH7.1, 7.3, 8, 9
3. RHEL 3, 4
4. SUSE Profesional & Enterprise
5. Gentoo
6. Slackware 8,9,10,10.2
7. Debian
8. CollegeLinux
9. Ubuntu
10. Solaris 10
11. FreeBSD
12. Fedora Core 1,2,3,4,5

It works :)

Good thing is, they distribute it for Linux & Windows

and there few open source alternatives also..
but as usual can't remembe their names as used only for once just to evaluate.


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