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alexa toolbar, google toolbar for linux !!


I am just wondering that why do we have toolbars only for windows.. ie.. that alexa toolbar, google toolbars are now things of little importance to site develpers , seo guys but in linux we don't have such thing @!!! do we have alexa or google toolbars taht work with galeon or mozilla ?

If no .. then why they people don't make for linux ?

I thought mozilla do have such feature? It's an add-on rite?

Man.. I was saying that if you want to know pagerank of any website then you have to install google toolbar on IE and you are up but On linux we have no such facility !!
Ya you have google search bar in linux which can be integreted in browser but that is not what i was asking about.. !

OIC. Ok, got it then.

Hehe, sorry bout that man, just a little confused.  :oops:

Did u trry searching for or


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