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Configuring Sound card in Suse Linux 9.2


I am using a dual boot Suse 9.2 / Winxp Pro dual boot machine
cpu VIA C3 796 MHz 256MB RAM

I want to configure real media player on SUSe 9.2 but whenever I open my realpalyer I get an error saying Sound card not configured or some other device is blocking sound card ; But In windows XP I can open any mp3 file so I guees it is a confguration issue in SUSe
How do I configure the sound card in linux
I have no clue about it
Please help me in configuring the same...


Use yast  command...........

i.e type command

in command prompt i.e shell,Its very easy to use...


I configured the sound card via YAst

But still It is not working yast auto detected the sound card

But when I go to test the same I find it is still not working
and when I open my XMMS player and click on play button I see the progress button ..but  No sound.....

Is it because VIA sound cards are not supported by SuSe
how do go about trouble shooting


After Playing a lot with settings in KMixer finally I was able to get sound... :o

I think in the Suse Users guide this clearly needs to be mentioned as a
newbie would not be having an idea as to what is going wrong ....

I think basically the Kmixer or any sound mixer remaining mute by default
would give anybody impression that sound system itself is not working

As even with Yast the Test sound button would also not work
beause it has to do with Kmixer or any other sound mixer being used...

This clearly needs to mentioned ..... in user guides  :arrow:


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