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Internet speed / bandwidth detection or checkup !

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I was using windows.. but as bandwidth is very precious.. I decided to go for caching proxy so I installed Squid and the made it transparent using the tutorial given on this site. It was working great in the beginning but these days what I am seeing that performance is not good as it was earlier. I checked log files for squid and found that there is no "TCP_HIT" in the cache , every file is getting "TCP_MISS" although same site is opened again but it again shows tcp_miss . I think that is not a big problem, as it may be due to the variations of the data..
My main problem is .. I feel if I used Windows internet connection Sharing then it seems to me that i am getting better performance , on the other hand when I use linux with Squid in transparent way.. I found that my net performance is declined. It is what i feel. Can any body tell me any exact or accurate method of checking my internet speed in Linux as well as in Windows so that I can compare them. BTW I am asking for something which behaves same in linux as well as in windows.

So.. How can I detect my actuall bandwidth in Linux ?

Thanks in Advance..

Hi tuxi,
    Bandwith load is precious indeed. But i think ur problem is most probably ur proxy server has a bottleneck. Squid have dos and don'ts.
Here's a good link :)
Goto the next page if u know how to configure squid. Then next page tells u the dos and don'ts in squid.

Speaking of network/bandwidth monitoring. Linux is equipped with lots of tools. U can try "iptraf" or "MRTG - Multi Router Traffic Grapher" to monitor ur internet usage. Well, i guess it will help u see where's the bottleneck indirectly.

Ok. I have downloaded MRTG ! Now how to use that ?

Please refer to the unix installation guide. It's in MRTG's official website.

One more advice is: Make sure u install net-snmp
If u are using fedora make sure u use add this line to ur startup script: LANG=en_US

This is the easiest way to configure MRTG of all the configuration settings I used so far. I used it for Redhat 7.x and Fedora Core 1.   Try this url:


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