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sound - intel 915 chipset


Hi guys and girls,

My computer has intel 915 gl vgl mother board. I tried installing Suse 10.0 and Mandriva 2006. Both the OS are not giving audio output.

Strangely the mic works. I checked the recording the sound and playing it in my friends computer. And I know there  is nothing wrong with my speakers( it works in windows).

Does ALSA comes with support for the sound card in this mother board? If so can anyone help me out? Also help me know anyother solution to this.

Thanks in advance.


This is something I have done many times.  Did you unmute the sound?  In KDE there are usually two places to unmute it.  Kmix and Alsa mixer are the two I have to adjust on.  Alsa has one for the command line too just in case you don't have/use KDE.

Hope that helps.

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