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Noobe with linux ::Very hard!!

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Hi u people.
I was linux newbie three months ago and still a newbie..

Now I am able to do most of my work with linux but still i found it hard to use. I have searched so much of how to and tutorials for linux that if i have done same thing for my studies I would be topper.
I like linux, but sometimes it makes me cry!

Do by choosing linux, am I going in right direction??

A lot of people are going to Linux.  There are a lot of reasons.  That worrines M$ a lot.  There are problems with holes in windoze software and virus/worm vulnarabilities that are not a problem in Linux.  Linux is a lot more stable than windoze.  

It is true that Linux is a bit more diffacult to setup new programs but you should only have to do it once.  With windoze you have to do it on a regular bases because of the crashing and such.

You will see a lot more people switching.  You will just have a head start on everyone else.  If you download a rpm and use a recent Mandrake or Redhat distro then you should be able to click and it do the install for you.  If it is a tarred package, they usually have a install guide that comes with it.  It will usually tell step by step what to do.

If that fails, come here and make a post.

Enjoy Linux.  You can change it to your hearts content.  It is yours you know, not rented like windoze.  You can change a lot of things here that you couldn't dream of in windoze.


 :D  :D  :D

There are two ways of using Linux ( there may be more accoding to you, but I stick to the basics).

ONE: Like most computer users, choose a good distro for newcomers like Mandrake, SUSE, or even RedHat (sorry, they are now concentrating on the Enterprise class of machines, and you may go Fedora way). Don't try installing it on the very latest hardware, having the chipsets and peripherals which have just been released. Don't try to tweak around much. Use it like your grandma will - browse the net, send e-mail, listen to music, watch video, write small documents... And no problems.

TWO: Be curious and adventurous. Learn how the bloody computer systems work. Question and seek answers. Be ready to trash a few things here and there, and then restart. Get the hacker spirit in you. Live on the edge. Damn the licensing fears. Try to create new things, it will bring you unknown pleasure and satisfaction.

An early start is always not easy. But once u get used to finding out and do some practices,it will go way up to the ease.

There one question u should ask urself in first hand.

1) Do i want to pay Micro$oft to make my life easy and got nothing in the end but pamper me or do i want to use linux for FREE + getting to know more.

To make ur life easy, i suggest u learn 2 get use to the GNome/KDE environment. Then use the vi editors to hang around editing files.

Lastly, learn some scripting languages for linux. It will ease ur life a lot + dry ur tears ;)

Happy Linuxing.

I had some work to  do in dos just the other day and I had forgotten the commands. I have been using Linux for about 18 months. Which means you start out from birth knowing dos or windoz. Stick in there it gets easier.


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