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Slackware: Sendmail How To Make It Work Only On LAN?


Hi guys,

     I need to setup a LAN server using sendmail. I successfully configured sendmail to make it work in Fedora as a POP3 and SMTP server.

     But, hey wait a second. Why is it so different in Slackware? How do i really make it work on LAN.

     In Fedora, i just goto /etc/mail and change a line in "" as below:

 ====> DAEMON_OPTIONS('Port=smtp, Addr=, MTA')  to

=====> DAEMON_OPTIONS('Port=smtp, Addr=, MTA')

* is the ipaddress for my mail server on eth)\0

I recompile the whole directory using command line "make -C /etc/mail".
And restart sendmail service "/etc/init.d/sendmail restart". Bingo it works, but in Slackware, :( Duh....????

I have not yet played enough with such things but i want to tell yaa that redhat uses scripts to control the program startup and stoping..  
To start or use sendmail in Slack look around for the location where the sendmail executing code is installed.. ie. place like /sbin and then start it from there..
As i said i m hv not played much with mail server server things so i m not sure wht is the exact location of it.. Also my net connection is down for last two dayz and will be down for next two days.. :( so i can't check wht are exact locations..

10Q Very Much :)

OK, in Slackware actually, the macro files is in /usr/share/sendmail
and here, u have 3 precompiled sendmail config files which we can copy to /etc/mail as, and repsectively as to make it work.

But all these files are ready made files. I need to add an option to make it work on LAN only but...:(
all those macro files need me to define it from scratch.

I got it already. :)

All i have to do is just recompile the "access" file in /etc/mail and
makemap it. :)

Then i went to /usr/share/sendmail/cf/cf  and change the file and recompile it with m4.

Also i recompile the file.


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