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How Do I Make My Red Hat 9 DNS Server Work on LAN only.



    Do u have any idea how i make a DNS Server work on LAN?

     I am trying to setup an LAN DNS server  which is also a DHCP server.

A million 10X :)

Well DNS server and Dhcp server are different things.. you can have both on your single Pc and also you can use it only for you LAN.
To make it dhcp server use dhcpd .. and see LInux how to tutorial section for it by me..
To make a dns server for you LAN you have to use BIND as caching name server..
Try some tutorials for it. and if get stucked ask here..

Hi Ricky,
   10X for the info, i have configured the DHCP Server Successfully. :)

    Now, I'm having problem in setting up the DNS Server ( DNS Server here  is a MASTER SERVER). I followed the books instructions on how to set it up
     but, :( it needs a registered domain name.

     I just want it to work on LAN but not sure how.

Well.. it is not necessary that you should have domain name to start a dns !! You can set it as chaching name server..
See this Caching Nameserver and go for caching nameserver option..[/url]

Ok, got it loud and clear Ricky.

A million thanks to u :)


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