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squid acl error cilent is not working


 everybody i insatlled and configured rh9.0 and squid.with squid script i having some errro

  this is my acl script

acl ip_acl src
acl time_acl time 23:00-24:00
http_access allow ip_acl time_acl
http_access deny all

 i run above scripts but i having some error client does,t working time restriction
i start everytime this script squid is comming error please help mee
           2004/02/09 00:23:23| aclParseIpData: WARNING: Netmask masks away part of the specified IP in ''

why don't you use the correct format as i had suggested here.. That is all..
give address in full.. like  
I think squid don't understand that short notation like 24 or 32.. but i m not sure about it..
BTW.. Your this question is not so unique so  i think you should ask that in earlier thread where you had asked about the time acl.. :)


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