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how squid cache may view by all client


hi all
iis it  possible for squid's client to view a page that another client viewed before in using squid cache ?
in other words, in order if a second client want to view page which has  viewed already by a first client, can the second client acces at this page by squid server cache
if yes how configure squid server for that
thanks all

Well if any body has already accessed a page and then another client is accessing that then it will be retirived from cache.. but proxy will still use the internet to check whether the page it is retriving from the cache is valid one.
If you are saying that how to use squid's cache for offline browsing then i have not done so and never heard of it.

how can i test that the second client see the page in cache that was viewed by the first one without stoping my internet connection  :?:
thanks for all

Man.. This time I am not understanding that what you wanna do.. you may try to give a look to access.log find in logs ..


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