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We are asked by various users that why we don't have separate forum for different Linux distributions.
Well.. This is b'coz  there are are about 400+ different Linux Distro... ( may be more) So it is impossible to add each and every one.

There is another choice.. If we can add the famous ones.
Well.. forums are the place to have equal balance with every thing. So if we give populare distro , it will make them more popular so less popular will be ignored.  So

Another thing came out..
We can add new emerging distro to our forum.. so that other will know about them.

Lastly... It is decided that you will all decide that what we should do ? So we have this POLL which will run for a certain period and will be then closed !

It  would make sense to have separate forums for each distro only when the number of users exceed some set limit .i.e. enough users browsing through each forum.  Else it is best to keep everything in one place. It is like a small family staying in a big palace. It only creates distances between people. Is that what we want to promote ?

I say no to multiple distro forums. Few questions would be spread out among many forums.

Separate distro forums will be confusing and large. It's not a pretty thing to do. Let's keep it small and warm family of linux. U don't want the little penguin up there cry do u? :)

Plus, there will be repetitious questions appear. Pity the server too ;)

I have voted for making forum for new emerging distros.. but they should be as sub forum.. !! Also we can make new forum for a distro for few times and then remove it..  ( sound like crap) so that people can know about that distro.. Just to help out the peoples.. :) offcourse not to include the distro which are heavily based on some other distro.. :)
Well my second suggestions is not to any new forum.. as it will cause confusion.. (in the case if you don't want to put forum for new distros) :)


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