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How to Install Webmin On Suse 9 ?


Dear Every boudy that look my question

i want to know how to configure Webmin on SUSE . shout i must donwload some pagkage for install webmin how many pagkag for install ...........

Thank you for you time


Hi ....
Its same like REDHAT...
First install tar.gz package of webmin from the net...

Remember just download tar.gz package ..., If u install rpm , it has many dependencies....
So its my suggestion to download only .tar package..., After that just untar .., it and install, ITS SAME LIKE REDHAT...


Dear Gauravbajaj

thank you for reply back but i never install webmin befor so now i want to know step by step about that how to config webmin ? now i have download  ( webmin-1.230-1.src.rpm ) already so now what must i do with this packag .......................

Thank You for Your Time

Hi Dear
 Do one thing
 Download webmin package which is tar.gz format
 untar it
 goto webmin directory
 Which having README and INSTALL file
 these are txt file read this, it will give you the total
 information regarding to webmin
 Linux user

i think it is batter to install webmin from the source file it self that has a script in it which will guide you through


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