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Hello !!!!

In Squid is it possible to block the ports.... some of the ports are infected by virus/trojan like......

port 1434 - sql worm..  :oops:

port 21 - Back Construction, Blade Runner, Doly Trojan, Fore, Invisible FTP, Juggernaut 42 , Larva, MotIv FTP, Net Administrator, Senna Spy FTP server, Traitor 21, WebEx, WinCrash

port-22 - Shaft.

port 2989 - (UDP) - Remote Administration Tool - RAT

still there are many ports which are infected by virus/trojans.... etc.............

Is it possible to block this kind of ports.......... in Squid.. plz let me know how to do...

Thank you,

Yes they can be blocked..  say u want to block the ports you have given then

--- Code: ---acl problem_ports port 1432 21 22 2989
http_access deny problem_ports

--- End code ---
But beware, after blocking the ports you have suggested may result in improper browsing experience. Simply may cause problem .. :)


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