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squid cache and problem Configuring squid ACL


hi all

1- i want to know if squid can put some website in his cache by default
if yes how

2-i set my acl buut all the deny pages are always allow i try to the debug option show in FAQ of squid but that did not help me (i took example of acl configuration in squid website but that didn't work too)  
thanks for all

Well.. as far as i know you cannot use squid as offline browsing software , the site is get cached as the site is opened.

Secondly to deny certains sites you have to use the following thing..
Say you want to deny and and as much you want then do the following

--- Code: ---# Defining acl here
acl block dstdomain

http_access block deny
--- End code ---
here "block" is the ACL name i have chosen, you can use any thing you want.


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