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New forum in related to Security & firew


While looking at the No. of posts about Firewall and security in LS forums I thought it will be good if could have a new forum specially for "Firewalls"

BTw.. I would name it as "Linux Security and firewall" but I have doubt if security and firewall will cause some confusion ??

What the other members are saying ?

Hi Ricky

As data had already became the asset of the organisation, administrators and engineers are always on the lookout to protect it without comprise.

Your suggestion to start a post of “Linux Security and Firewall” is well appreciated and before starting the post please do write a detailed Tutorial on Iptables because 90% of the users who wants their queries to be answered on Iptables does not have knowledge on it and simply takes the (your) answers without any knowledge of it. This will help to eliminate the basic queries on Iptables and the post will focus further than that.

You can name it as “SECURING LINUX”.

Hi ricky
Its very nice to start new forum regarding to Linux Security and Firewall, This is b'coz many system administrator having different problems and issues regarding to Linux Security and Firewall.
Linux User

I would like to know if it might confuse people to ask question in networking section or in security section ?


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