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reading iso files in Linux


i have a Linux software cd from which i created an iso image of the cd (it was given in the instructions, i created a file named linuxcd.iso). but i don't know how to use that iso image to read the contents of the cd.
can anyone please help with that?
Thank you!.

Well. ISO image is the exact copy of cd stored in HD if you want to read its content , burn it as Image in a CD then you can read it from CD.  But you can also mount them..
Also if you burn it as file you can still read it but if it was a bootable image then it will no longer remain bootable..

Try this link. and look on the left.  There are a couple of links on the left.  May help.


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I thought of this after my last post.  Make sure you have that thing set to burn, not simulate the burn.  I did that once.  It looks just like it is buring but it is not.  

That link I posted above will have details on the program you are using.  It is usually in the screen that comes up when you select burn and just before it actually starts.  

It fooled me a few times.


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man u have to mount it on a directory use the command if the directory is /mnt/image

--- Code: ---mount *****.iso -o loop /mnt/image

--- End code ---
u will be able to mount it
then cd /mnt/image


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