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Hi, Every1!

At last we have finished our site..  it is 22/october/2003
Working constantly to improve it.....

Our team will be very glad if our users provide us some suggestion in this forum..
So if you feel to have or not to somethings in our forum please tell us!!!

Thank you!!!



I use some forum  which  provide a spelling before posting. Since i am french i find it nice in order that the rest of the world will understand what i am saying.

Form what i see in the linux world, there is a lack of troubleshoting doc.
If you can built a troubleshoting database by finding all the solution you can get your hand on and put it in one plase with ease of search and detaild solution. That would be great.

Every time i run in some probleme there is no help button, there is nothing in the help of the system, user are left to themself to fix it.

I notice that depending on system distro the same file is at a diffrent place depending on the distro. when i use the find file there is sometime 2 or 4 different file that appers. this is very confusing and since i do not want to mess thing up more than it is already i do not want to touch anything. i like GUI for they do the command with all the setting.


That's nice that u have given us a suggestion. for making a database for the troubles that user faces during the course of time is good idea but as first we are new and secondly if we start to do that than it will so big that u will really need a search engine type thing. again u can do the same with search engine like google, yahoo. Secondly .. there always new and newer problem in linux as the newer hardware , distro come out. Basically they usually are the same but always in new avatar.
That is the place where forums comes.. Here u can get answer straight to ur problem.. Well i know u all know the benefit of online community like ours. So nothing to explain more.

--- Quote --- use some forum which provide a spelling before posting. Since i am french i find it nice in order that the rest of the world will understand what i am saying.
--- End quote ---
Please .. can u clearify that.. .. Only little more description.

We have now one new feature in our forum..
Now every user can get the credit of inviting other user to this site..

Now you will see a new button (refer)  in your every post and as well as in your profile...  
so if any one clicks that button .. he will be taken to the registration form.. and when it get registered.. his registration credit goes to you!!  

Need any more explanation ???

HI.. guys. i just came across this..
and found that it is already reviewed by some people.. may some from you!! not sure..  
So I request all of our member to go there and review our site..
Also don't forget to confirm their mail ...


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