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redhat installed..but still does'nt boot


i have a 60 GB drive in which i had winXp. then i created a new partition to install linux...i chose to install LILO at MBR. after rebooting Win Xp started linux in sight...wat to do ?

Have you installed the linux already but you was unable to find lilo or linux bootloader when you restarted the computer after installation ? Then do the following...
1. Boot you pc from RH installation cds and then type "linux rescue" to enter rescue mode
2. Now it will ask you to mount the existing linux installation under /mnt/sysimage also it will give you instruction . Follow those instruction and when you get to command line give the following commands..

--- Code: ---grub-install /dev/hda
--- End code ---
And then boot..

man if u have installed lilo then take disk 1 of linux installation cd and type "linux rescue"
then type the command

--- Code: ---chroot /mnt/sysimage

--- End code ---
now type

--- Code: ---lilo

--- End code ---
this will clear the probs


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